You’re SPENDING your MONEY in all the WRONG PLACES!!!

You’re SPENDING your MONEY in all the WRONG PLACES!!!

Artificial intelligence, the internet, mobile applications and a boom in demand globally has changed sales, production and marketing as we know it or are taught it. So what do you need to survive today and transcend from the concrete jungle into the cyberspace of today. In today’s Sterling Marketing Solutions article we’ll break down essential steps to grasp and control modern marketing and growth, we’ll show you how you’re spending your money in all the wrong places.

Let’s take a second to think of an interesting example that should put things into perspective, Imagine back in 2001 buying candy down the road at your neighborhood store.

You’d arrive, look around the same old store, browse through the different candies that haven’t really changed in years and pick your usual.

Now let’s take a look at 2017, before you can even leave your home to get to the candy store, all your favorite candy stores are already sending you notifications and information of their new stock/arrivals, and to make it a whole lot better all these different stores will fight for your presence with deals, packages and sales. Better yet even if you aren’t even thinking of candy, willy wonka’s sweet marketing team will make sure they tempt you to remember the sweet, the sour and the chocolaty.

Safe to say the world has changed, and with it business and demand has followed.
Simplicity, ease of transaction and reliability are the words of the market. No longer do clients bend to the whim’s and fancies of sellers and manufacturer’s, but what you see is them bending over backwards for a sale, so how in this turmoil state of enterprise do we break in and gain with stability and successful results.

Here is your Sterling Marketing Solutions –

1) Build a Cyber Home Network – Your Cyber Home Network or CHN is the most vital step to enter the cyberspace realm. Having your business website is first essential step of CHN, it will be your home and will be root to your network. Step two is to create your network and start branching out from home. You’ll need to ensure your presence on every prominent social media and business network on the internet. Having this in place will establish you CHN, effectively using your CHN is now a basic requirement and to be able to do so you need to understand your CHN is a place to generate leads, share information about your company/process/self and primarily network. Keeping this in mind CHN can be your most effective tool in modern day marketing and relevance.

2) Outsourcing and Delegation – The term professional must be respected and used effectively, a common business rule that needs to be implemented instantly is every task is performed and completed by a professional who is in sync with the process, ideals and values of the company. Creating in house marketing teams are great and can be an effective way of growing, but to expect that team to meet the quality of an external vendor with 12+ years of practice is going to be difficult if not straight up impossible. What is important to know if you are someone who does not like to outsource and wants an in-house team is, grow the team to its optimum level of output, during the time of growth work with professionals who get the job done, this will result in the team understanding the tasks in hand and aspiring to a certain level.

3) You need to focus on closing deals– Lets not worry about gaining leads, lead generation is the biggest waste of time. If you have a team of 40 professionals, all 40 of them should be closing deals. Your leads need to come in everyday from a trusted source that specializes in data management and lead generation. Set a target of how many leads you need every day and work on just closing. Using data appending services and purchasing regular databases will remove all that time wasted on gaining leads and allow you to focus on closing and earning.

If the world is your market then your team must be global. Take steps to grow our team through outsourcing and modern marketing. A global presence is an online cyber presences, the competition for any product/services is growing everyday and conventional methods are showing declining results. Connecting with your clientele, consumer and market is the future, accepting the change in demands and ridding the wave is the only way to succeed today.

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