What is email database and why every business needs it?


Let’s admit.

You have not grown your business without cold emails. Have you?

If you have, you either hang out in the A-list business communities and your work or you are “famous”. Or you haven’t grown your business at all.

Cold emailing is on the rise, more than ever before. Businesses are thriving on cold emails because of the power and potential the person on the other side of the email can bring to your business. Business champions like Tiffany Pham say, you should cold email to succeed.
In order to cold email, you should first have a list of potential business prospects who need your services. Once you acquire that list, the next step is to ring their virtual doorbell – Email Notifications.

Why is cold emailing effective?

If you are aiming to snowball your business revenue this year, you cannot ignore the one workhorse marketing technique – Email Marketing.
Email Marketing remains the unmatched paragon when it comes to closing deals.
It saves a business time, effort, capital and the sorrow of hunting down the wrong candidate.
If done well, they do not go unnoticed. It is a win-win because you are going to your target customers and your target customers are being serves your availability and talent on a palate.
Now, show me a business that does not want to save capital? There is your answer.
So, how important is preserving emails, for a business to track the sales processes? That is where Email Database Maintenance steps in.

What is an Email Database?

An Email list is a crucial asset that helps a business grow on an online channel. After your website, growing your email list should be the top marketing priority.
Again, it is not enough if you grow your list randomly. Of course, growing your list is a sign of healthy marketing. But what is the point of having an email list that does not convert?

Why don’t large email lists convert?

When your website traffic gathers momentum, your list naturally picks up growth.
You send emails with updates, news, products, releases, offers, welcome emails. Did you see the chaos there?
You cannot be sending updates and news followed by a welcome email.
It disrupts the emotional chronology of the customer and is unnecessary. Customers lose interest and your lists begin to fall. It is scary to imagine your business breaking, right?
By segmenting the lists based on new subscriptions, buyers, uninterested candidates, unopened emails, you will know when to catalyze the trigger and when to pull the plug.
This is why email tracking can save your business a lot of money.
To track these emails, having a good Customer Relationship Management Software in place is as crucial as the list itself.
Your email provider might prompt you with – Do you want to segment your email lists?
When your lists are growing, ignoring segmentation can be damaging. Segmenting the lists, targets the desired audience and it increases the click through rate by 14.x%.
Email database is an intelligent assembly of segregated lists designed to suit the target market. Email segmentation and curation brings better ROI on your marketing efforts than leaving the list go wild.

Why every business needs an email database?

More control over consumer behavior

Social media marketing and other forms of marketing can have a diffusing effect on a prospect. But, an email has a longer span in the customer’s digital territory. This gives you more control over the customer’s behavior. Tracking the number of clicks and views will help you study consumer behavior and interest in your brand. With this data, you know who to target and with what information to scale effectively.

Grow your business in revenue

Focused email database sampling will help you drive engagement to the right people via right channels. Those channels can be specific set of information clusters designed for a specific set of audience.

Easy access to target market

When you buy a curated email database from a listing company, you get access to accurate data which otherwise takes you days, and sometimes months to accumulate. It is a direct portal to reach your industry assets.

Easy access to active users

It has effortless access to mobile users over other kinds of marketing arrangements like on page ads on a desktop site.

High conversion rates

Email marketing has the highest conversion rate compared to any other forms of digital marketing (or even traditional marketing for that matter). It simply works.

Client Retention

By providing exclusive offers to your subscribers, you are retaining more customers and saving huge business revenue. The cost of acquiring a new customer is many folds the equivalent of the cost of retaining existing customers.

Why do people buy email databases?

It is the fastest and easiest way to generate revenue and returns on investment. Smart and effective email marketing generates optimum returns where customers actually buy from you.
An email database is not just a stagnant collection of email lists. It is a strategic process to arrive at a targeted customer grouping to increase business revenue. Do you have an email database to grow your business? Contact us to help you build one.


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