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Sterling Marketing Solutions is your ideal web development services company. With a knack for technology and an artistic approach, we design and develop the most functional websites that deliver seamless experiences. Our experienced and competent team of professional web development programmers and coders help us design captivating websites and portals that leave lasting impressions.

With our web development services to small businesses and large corporations, we cater to all market segments and craft web designs that appeal to your prospects and sell your products and services faster. With Sterling Marketing Solutions, you get your most important marketing tool fixed- your website!

Gearing Up Marketing Plans? Is Your Website With You? – Web Development Services Company

When companies look for accelerating their marketing plans, they often leave out the most important piece of the puzzle, their website. We, at Sterling Marketing Solutions, help you fix that most crucial part of your online presence through our professional web development services.

To make sure that we stick to a plan and deliver a website that is exceptional for your brand, we have come up with the following methodology-

  • Build The Basics Strong – We don’t start coding and clicking right away! We first develop a suitable wireframe or a prototype of your website. With a structure that looks appealing and a sitemap that exhibits functional flow, we help your visitors wander about in your website seamlessly.


  • We Hear You! – Our second objective behind developing prototypes and wireframes of the websites we build is that we want you to be 100% involved in the making of your brand’s most impressive online presence. With a working prototype and a semi-functional wireframe, you are able to better understand your website structure and are in a place to suggest your ideas to us.


  • Striking Designs – When we have collaboratively approved the basic flow of the website, we go on to design your website like none other on the internet. Our designs are exceptional because we take the time to customize them. When your brand is unique, so should be your brand presence!


  • The Technology Intact – We are as tech-savvy as we are artistic. And, this shows when we create websites that are responsive to fit the smaller screens, cross-browser compatible, feature-rich, and suitable for any device. Our professional website design services yield websites that are seamless with their technological aspects flawless. From security to robustness, we’ve got it all covered.


  • SEO Super-Friendly – We realize that a great website design is not just aesthetically important, but also crucial for ranking on the search engine. We design your website so that it is easily crawlable by search engine bots and thus you reign supreme in search results!

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    This is not a hard and fast approach. We are flexible with our methodologies if need be. When you want us to focus more on the SEO-friendliness or the UI/UX of your website, we do that. The detailed method is a map on which we perform customizations as and when needed.

    Web Development Services for Small Businesses And Large Corporations

    Only few web development services companies have been able to master the art of delivering professional website design services and web development services to start-ups and large corporations alike.

    We do this with ease because we have an affinity towards each business that wants to establish itself as a brand in its industry. With our integrated marketing, branding, website development, and outreach services, we like to extend our client and customer base to each industry and all company sizes.

    Therefore, if you are a start-up on the verge of making it big, or if you are a large corporation and want to bring about a radical change in your marketing and branding policy, we are here to assist.

    Our professional website design services include and are not restricted to-

    • Developing functional wireframes and prototypes
    • Web designing and web development consultancy services
    • Web applications and websites integration services
    • Website Re-design and revamp services
    • Custom web application development services
    • User Experience (UX) designing services
    • Manual and Automated testing services for Websites

    We don’t just create a website. We create an integrated and appealing user experience!

    Markets and Industries We Have Stunned With Our Professional Web Development Services

    We have left no stone unturned in reaching out to all market segments and industries and helping them build their online presence smarter and stronger. The industries we can cater to through our website development and designing services include-

    • E-Commerce businesses
    • Retail businesses
    • Banking and Finance industry
    • Healthcare sector
    • Recruitment industry
    • Food and Restaurants industry
    • Educational institutions
    • Real Estate sector

    We don’t shy away from experimenting. Even if your business isn’t listed here, we are sure we can help. Call us now, or drop us a line. Let’s create an online presence for your brand that lasts for long!

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