Blessed are the millenniums saved and protected by stats and analysts.

Today we bring you all you and your business needs to know about 2018.

To invest or not to invest?

Well, we can’t tell you what to do, you’re the man. But we can show you what the jungle is going to look like.

The chief of the Economist was quoted saying 2018 is going to be a year for the record books, and people like the president Donald Trump are quick to agree,  tweeting earlier this month about the boost to share prices.

And it looks like a lot of statistics today show that 2018 is the year for American Business, we can be sure to see wage inflation all the way up to 3.2 percent although this does not necessarily mean the everyday worker and the employee is going to see a pay hike. The GDP looks to be going up by 2.5 percent although lower than Trump’s goal of 3. Apart from this, there’s more good news for America ease of Federal Reserve Monetary and the collapse of oil prices in 2014 will create a supply and demand change in 2018 creating the much-needed oil price spike. Last but not least quantitive easing in Europe and Japan will dry up the supply of high-grade sovereign bonds putting America in “G-4 10-year world” marked by competition to own 10-year German Bunds, Japanese Government bonds, and U.K gifts.

But is America safe this 2018?

Goldman predicts 3.9 percent annual global growth through 2020 but believes GDP in the U.S. will decelerate to just 1.5 percent. The French investment bank Natixis urges investors to prepare for the U.S. economy to “slow down substantially”.There is a limit to the rise in the participation rate and the employment rate in the U.S which will result in a slow down wrote analyst Patrick Artus.Investors seem blissfully unconcerned that Trump might trigger a new global trade war or by his chaotic foreign policy the risks of a victory for the far right in the imminent Dutch and French elections are being brushed under the carpet.The IMF no longer trusts Trump’s tax cuts to

Do we expand in 2018 and grow or keep it on the down low?

wage inflation, Oil price rise and, an upside to the inflationary surprise and tax cuts definitely show its time expand with caution.

Donald Trump has made 3 percent economic growth a key part of his administration’s bar for success so we see our country pushing for betterment. Wall Street also foresees a positive 2.5 percent change in GDP reflecting increasing economic optimism. Also, Natives from France stated
the current level of corporate investment is “abnormally high”.

Donald Trump boasts about the boast in share prices and all three main measures of health in the stock market are at record level. With Wall Street salivating at the prospect of a tax cut and salary budgets expected to grow it seems to be the perfect time to expand in America whether you are an
Entrepreneur, an Employee or a Large business.

Written by Sterling Marketing Solutions


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