Data Profiling

Data Profiling

Sterling Marketing Solutions has studied and broken down the impact of data Profiling and its role in the industry. Below we have created a few question and answers to help you understand the value and relevance of Data Profiling and how it can be an effective tool for marketing and an aid to your growth. You’ll learn how we can help you save time and stay up to date while remaining effective through Data Services and Data Profiling.

What is Data Profiling?

Data Profiling is the most vital step to data Enrichment. Finding out the value of your data is called data Profiling. It is the systematic procedure that shows the strength and weakness of your data. If you just create or purchase a database and begin to engage it you will be wasting time, money and resources. Use Data Profiling before engaging your data.

Is Data Profiling relevant and how do they help businesses?

We live in a world where 25 percent of all sold data is counterfeit, so finding out if your engaging real and valuable contacts become more and more relevant as the day passes. Regular Data Profiling can make a world of difference for your business,

a) It ensures your contacts are all authentic and active.

b) Locate old data/information that has been changed and updates your database

What are the steps of Sterling Marketing Solutions for Data Profiling?

The Sterling steps are tried and proved over a decade of service,

1) Validate the Database.

2) Locate data that is
a) Old
b) Changed
c) Dead

3) Remove all issues

4) Clean and replace data

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