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Data Cleansing

Data Cleansing

Sterling Marketing Solutions has studied and broken down the impact of Data Cleansing and its role in the industry. Below we have created a few questions and answers to help you understand the value and relevance of cleansing and how it can be an effective tool for marketing and an aid to your growth. You will learn how we can help you save time and stay up-to-date while remaining effective through Data Services and Data Cleansing Services.

What is Data Cleansing?

Data Cleansing or Data Scrubbing is the removal of the dirty and corrupt data from your database. It is the process of locating incorrect, incomplete, improperly formatted or duplicated data and cleaning it our scrubbing it out.

Why is Data Cleansing relevant and how do they help businesses?

57 Percent of the data sold in the United Sate’s is incomplete or missing data. The current data that exists in the market is 48 percent outdated and 36 inaccurate. All this bad data create’s obstacles for you, your process and timelines, hence Data Cleansing is relevant. This is why you need to adopt Data Cleansing and Data Scrubbing into your regular business practice.

How do I handle my data? What are the steps I should take?

Tie up with Sterling Solutions for our precise and accurate data cleansing services, we will clean, scrub and go one step further in replacing the bad and incomplete data so you’re back on schedule and on time.

For more on information on data, cleansing gets in touch with  Sterling Marketing Solutions, the prospect is in your hands.

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