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This privacy policy is a part of Sterling Marketing Solutions LLC’s agenda to provide quality products and services to its clientele. It would be great if all our site visitors and our clients read the Privacy Policy before using our website. Terms such as “we”, “us”, “ours” mentioned in this document shall be referring Sterling Marketing Solutions LLC. This Policy might change in the future, when the requirement arises; and users are requested to stay updated by referring this policy from time to time.

This Privacy Policy is a tool that was designed to educate the visitors of this website, and to our clients regarding the many practices and measures taken by our team to handle your data. This Policy does not justify any services required by the users. To know more about us, visit

The information aggregated by us is sourced from affiliates such as networks, and online partners. We also source data directly from clients.

The Type of Data We Handle

Sterling Marketing Solutions LLC gathers data from various mediums such as applications, event registers, B2B directories, etc. We also collect data from public records and census records. Certain data that we collect and use are deemed to be Personal Information. The Personal Information is nothing but the names, postal addresses, telephone numbers or email addresses of various individuals. Our services also utilize and disclose B2B data gathered through various business publications, public directories, subscriptions, surveys, filings, etc.

We also collect information from our website visitors;

The Kind of Information We Collect From Our Website

Sterling Marketing Solutions LLC is a B2B service provider; therefore, data may be collected from its clientele. We collect the following information from our clients:

Personal Information:

Personal information of visitors is collected to improve the quality of service we deliver them. Specifically, to manage deals, special offers, business communications, customer service, and promoting various brand updates. The gathered Personal Information shall be used to provide optimal solutions by analyzing how you use our services.

Non-Personal Information:

Certain visitors who enter our website may not be willing to submit their personal information. However, Sterling Marketing Solutions LLC collects information from all visitors such as;

  • The variant of Operating System and browser used by the user to explore our website followed by a time stamp.
  • The IP address (to uniquely identify the device and the geographical location of the user)
  • URL referral information and click stream data of the user that helps us identify the original platform used by you to reach us.
  • The page access and clicks registered from the user. Also, the duration a user has viewed an item of interest may also be collected.
  • The online identifier such as Cookies downloaded by the users that allow us uniquely to identify the user behavior on our site.

By accepting cookies, Sterling Marketing Solutions LLC may target or retarget the users with relevant content that may influence the users to become our customers.

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    Third-Party Affiliations and Information Sharing Policy

    • Sterling Marketing Solutions LLC may assist clients by sending out campaigns, analysis, or evaluating performance in order to enhance their marketing performance. We may send emails or make calls to facilitate the process.
    • Sterling Marketing Solutions LLC may share Personal Information with its Partners who cater services to the marketers using their in-house applications and service channels.
    • Sterling Marketing Solutions LLC may disclose personal information of clients to the law enforcement if mandatory. All our activities are in agreement with the laws of the nation, state, and region. We consider it as our privilege and responsibility to respond to the warrants served by the authority.
    • We may disclose the information; in case, a need to protect the rights and assets of Sterling Marketing Solutions LLC arises.

    Policies on Cookies

    This section is to educate users regarding the Cookies Policy adopted by our organization.

    Cookies help us deliver specific pages that are unique to each client. Cookies are small text files that seek the user’s permission every time our site is accessed by users; these files are meant to hold information about user’s online behavior on respective sites.

    Users can configure their browsers to alert them when a cookie is sent. Benefiting from thorough experience offered by our website would be dependent on whether the user accepts or refuses (all or certain) cookies.

    How Secure Is Your Data?

    Sterling Marketing Solutions LLC prioritizes the safety of all information it collects from its users. Our data experts cleanse our databases on a routine basis in order to ensure that the Personal Information we collect are protected. We also take careful measures in keeping your data safe, and limit access to authorized members in the hierarchy. We also have firewalls that are specially configured to prevent any kinds of breach, or modification of data.

    Parental Guidance

    Sterling Marketing Solutions LLC does not offer any of its services to children under the age of 18. Our website and contents are crafted for users over the age of 18.  In case you are under 18, you are advised not to use our website or its services without the guidance of parent or a guardian.


    By accepting to the terms of this Privacy Policy, you also acknowledge that; any external links visited from our website shall be at your own risk. Sterling Marketing Solutions LLC does not promote any external links you may find on our website.

    Any Questions?

    For all your queries regarding the use of Sterling Marketing Solutions LLC’s services, reach us at: [email protected]

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