How to get over unsuccessful email campaigns?

How to get over unsuccessful email campaigns?

Are you reaching the right audience?

49% of the sales representatives/marketers feel that they do not have the right data or information before making a call or sending an email.

Before making a call or sending emails to your target audience, you must know whom to reach out and why? What is the job title and functions? Your buyer’s personas?


Reaching your audience at the right time?

As per various industry studies and experiments, Mondays and Tuesdays are the best days to send a B2B email. The best time to reach out to prospects with an email is 5 PM to 7 PM.

The email open rates on Mondays are 4.70% higher than the other days. This stat was in general but the right time can be gauged on the needs and behaviour of the target audience.


The “Subject Line!”

What’s the first thing that you notice before opening an email? No guesses, it is the “Subject Line”.

35% to 38% of the recipient’s open emails based on the subject line matter. A relevant, unique and attractive will boost the conversion rates dramatically.


A/B Testing

You might have come across the word A/B testing a million times by now. So, what exactly is A/B Testing? This process enables any marketer to test the version that might work. Many email marketing software applications provide A/B testing. For example, the software lets you upload two versions of your email template and can be sent to a limited number of recipients as a test. The version highest open rates, click through rates can be sent across to all the other contacts.


Keep an eye on the Email Analytics

Email analytics can help you track important aspects of a campaign like open rates, click through rates, hard bounce, soft bounce and many other factors. By monitoring these, you can gauge what works and what doesn’t. It can be a tool to improve your subject lines, email body, images, CTA, mailing list health, subscribes, unsubscribes and much more.


Is your product a right fit?

Only 15% of the customers believe a salesperson can understand their needs.

Try to see the product from your prospects’ point of view. You may have better, faster or cheapest product in the market but that does not matter. Research your prospects before contacting them so that you can address individual pain points and personalize your conversation.


Were they not ready to make decisions?

Nearly 80% of the prospects who eventually buy are marked as bad leads at the initial conversation stage. Most prospects don’t make decisions right away. if you don’t want to seem too pushy, add them to the relevant nurture campaigns. Doing so as will position you as a thought leader, create trust and engage your list until they buy.


Did they prefer your competitors?

There are always factors such as price, an existing business relationship which impacts the chance of winning a deal. However, a recent study suggested that the median overall response rate is a major factor.

The faster your response the more likely your prospects will choose you over competitors.


These tips are just the tip of the iceberg, but also, they are the basic and crucial points to take care before contacting anyone as a B2B marketer. Let us know how your campaign fared after concentrating on these pain points for your marketing campaigns.


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