Forbes top companies would hate us for sharing these secrets

Forbes top companies would hate us for sharing these secrets

We all know Forbes and to get on their list of top 50 is usually the dream of every company.
So what are the top 50 companies doing that you aren’t? Sterling Marketing Solutions reveals the tricks, tips, and answers the big question. How do you get on Forbes top 50?

You Are Buying The Wrong Data!

If you are not using a ton of data in every step you are taking, be it analytical or mailing, you are doing it wrong. If you are marketing or even posting, you need to keep an eye on the analytics of it all, understanding your statistics could mean the difference between drowning and sinking, it’s no longer about mass quantity but quality and delivery. Ensuring your business data is complete, correct and up-to-date data is another key to success. It ensures you don’t waste valuable time, resources and money.


You Are Hiring The Wrong

There is no point in wasting resources by hiring tons of people and create new departments. Outsourcing and delegating is the name of the game. You want to find a company that understands your values and your purpose, you don’t want employees figuring it out and repeating almost everything everyday. You need to work with a team that has all the strings and loopholes of the game sorted out and is constantly innovating the way the game is played to always stay ahead. Stop trying to do everything yourself.


Your Marketing Is Ancient

If you want creative marketing to capture a wide audience or mature content to capture a more targeted audience, then you’re going to have to understand one key point to marketing. Marketing from the 90’s to now have changed drastically, but, however, they both work perfectly well. It all comes down to what form of marketing you need and who you are marketing to. If you want to figure out all the marketing in-house then ensure you have a versatile team of thinkers who span a wide age bracket and are a happy mix of professionals and new beginners too, also make sure you have an analytical team analyzing and supporting them.

Seems like a large task?

Well, it is, that is why it is always recommended to outsource your creative and marketing to a company that is passionate and follows the above-mentioned guidelines to achieve success.


Your Investment Is Failing You

If you’re investing every quarter yearly into marketing, promotion and lead generation then you need to understand a few things.

a) Most data sold is around 60% corrupt and incomplete.

b) 15% of your data is invalid in 6 months.

c) Allocation of your data is false ends.

The data and mailing list game is tricky and full of cons. If you are not getting results from your investments then you need to take a look at who you’re working with. Work with a trusted source who updates and gathers new leads and resources everyday.


Your View Is Too Narrow

Don’t just look at your sector of business, but look at how many sectors of businesses you can be a part of and compete in. The name of the game is marketing, you need to analyze your product or service with your marketing team and create business plans and prospects for your expansion. This should be looked at as a monthly task.

Sterling Marketing Solutions is the company to help you in all the above-mentioned ways.
Our Database includes C-level Professionals, Industry professionals and Mailing lists from every sector, We are also professionals in all forms of Data Appending and Cleansing.

We take the extra step to create marketing plans for you to increase your market grasp, and our business solutions will have you out of any tricky situation. Our marketing team is the perfect mix of young and experienced, our methods for marketing are constantly innovating and we pride ourselves in being able to achieve our targets in the most creative and game-changing ways.

Work with the right marketing team who can provide you with well thought out business solutions, powerful data and mailing lists. Work with Sterling Marketing Solutions, Your prospect is in your hands.


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