Data Verification Services

Data Validation Services

Data has become the foundation pillar of any successful enterprise. The right data can make the difference between a client and a blank call, a deal and a waste of time. More than 25 percent of the data sold worldwide Is inaccurate, old or just plain wrong and in the united states the numbers get worse, 57  percent of the data is inaccurate, 48 percent is outdated and 36 percent is inaccurate.

With a ton of data vendors pushing bad data, it’s tough to find genuine good work, the best way to troubleshoot this problem is to work with companies that have years of experiences and specialize in a variety of data, marketing, and business solutions.

Why do you need Our Data Verification Services?

Sterling Marketing Solutions Data Verification Services involves a multitude of processes including services like data appending, data cleansing, data validation, email/phone/fax appending and much more to help you have clean safe and updated data. Through adopting regular Data Verification processes you’ll save time, money and resources. Reach out to Sterling Marketing Solutions to find out what forms of Data Validation Services works for you. Sterling Marketing Solutions, The prospect is in your hands.


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Our team can help you build custom made lists as per your requirements.

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Data Validation  -Two – Pronged Strategy to give You the Best Quality Data.

Sterling Marketing Solutions provides two-way Data Validation services. For high-quality verification, both email IDs and phone numbers are important data. We have over 200 verification experts dedicated to making your data the best in the industry. What Experts Say -Databases should be verified in multiple ways for the best results. Regular Data Validation can prevent bounces and reduce spam rates by 15%.

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If you possess an existing database, We can help you with services like Data AppendingData Cleansing, and Account Profiling.

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