What is URL Appending?

URL Appending involves keeping your database of URL’s clean and up to date. Over  60% of the data sold in the US alone is incorrect or outdated. The URL Appending services of Sterling Marketing Solutions looks for the
data that is incorrect/invalid and updates it.

What are the URL Appending services offered by Sterling Marketing Solutions?

1)    URL Database Examination.

2)    URL Appending.

3)    Website URL Appending.

4)    URL  Data Validation.

5)    URL Data Management.

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    Why is URL Appending important to businesses?

    A URL is essentially an address for you in the big world of the web. Finding your potential valid and up to date URL’s for your clients is the way you stay ahead of the business and stay in the network.

    What are the steps of Sterling Marketing Solutions?

    1) Examining your current database for issues and missing data.

    2) Validating your data and filling up all missing data.

    3) Clean up all the data that fails validation.

    4) Update the new data in place of the inaccurate and outdated data.

    5) Manage your data with regular process examinations to ensure your data is current.

    At Sterling Marketing Solutions we strive to work hand in hand with you to achieve real-time solutions and results. Reach out to us at Sterling Solutions.

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