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Why Data Appending Is Needed?

Data degrades at a phenomenal pace i.e. about 15-25% a month. Purchasing a list and then using it after a month will bring down your ROI by about 30%. These are alarming numbers, and they will probably cause you to make Data Appending Services an unavoidable part of your marketing operations.

Sterling Marketing Solutions LLC offers a Data Appending Services which is precise, periodic, and professional. With email appending and phone appending as part of it, your data is clean and ready to go, as and when required. To ensure the process is complete, a multi-stage process is adopted.

1. Email Appending
2. Phone Appending
3. Multiple Contact Appending

The Data Appending Services offered by Sterling Marketing Solutions can provide more insights into your prospects with services like Account ProfilingData Cleansing, and Email Campaigns.

Our Data Appending Services Are Your Treasure Trove of Future-Customer Data

Your search for a reliable data management company which provides Data appending services ends with Sterling Marketing Solutions. All for the sake of creating targeted and market-segmented campaigns, you can bank on our wealth of data that is churned out following a dedicated regime of data appending principles. While there are umpteen options available in the form of global data appending companies, our data appending services save your precious time in scouting for your target audience. This is a time-tested marketing tool that helps your marketing proposal reach the right prospects.

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List Of Various Data Append Offerings That Are Lined Up By Sterling Marketing Solutions.

Email Append: Also known as e-appending, Sterling Marketing Solutions offers this data append service by relying on the known customer data which is his first name, last name, and postal address. This primary information is matched against the vendor’s database which provides you with a reliable and verified email address.

Phone Append: Next in the list of affordable data appending services offered by Sterling Marketing Solutions is the phone append service that allows you to stay in constant touch with your prospects. You will be able to access the phone numbers and the line types of your prospects in your endeavor to implement multichannel marketing programs.

Fax Appending: You can gain an edge over your competitors through the missing fax numbers that can be added to your marketing directory, to reach out to your target audience. This way, you can contact decision makers across the globe by sending them personalized fax messages; an unwritten promise delivered by our dedicated data appending services.

Reverse Appending: Aiming to fill the gaps in your database, we at Sterling Marketing Solutions will help you add a new phone number or an email to your existing database of website visitors. This way, you can make the best use of data appending services to implement customer-centric marketing programs that are dependent on customer demographics.

SIC and NAICS Code Appending: If you are looking to connect with business enterprises primarily in the US, we are here to help. You can check out our SIC and NAICS Code Appending features to make a marketing proposal to the who’s who in various classified industries.

DUNS Number Appending: Sterling Marketing Solutions allows you the luxury of looking up your prospects based on their company’s name and location through DUNS Number Appending. Notwithstanding the fact that you belong to a particular business category, Sterling Marketing Solutions through its comprehensive data appending services meets all your information needs; the tried and tested way!

Social Media Appending: You can rely on the proficiency of Sterling Marketing Solutions, a provider of data append services to establish a social connection with your prospects. Now is the time when social profiles of bigwigs matter the most. Hence it makes sense to partner with us for you to make the most of our data appending services to explore the possibilities of social media networks.

URL Append: You don’t have to waste your time and effort scouring the internet for URLs. You can delegate this responsibility to Sterling Marketing Solutions; a player in the data appending companies And we will add the web addresses to your prospects’ file.

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